When to Twerk… A Miley Cyrus story

Ok so over a week ago now Miley Cyrus shocked the world by shedding her Mickey Mouse ears and squeaky clean image in favour of a nude bikini and provocative dance moves at the VMA’s causing the whole world to stop and take notice. Upon seeing the media attention move away from Cheryl Coles posterior (must have been a tough news week) I thought I’d better see what the fuss was about. So I braced myself and assumed the position hands covering the eyes looking through the cracks of my fingers whilst youtubing the performance and I truly couldn’t believe what I was seeing!! It was every perverts dream and parent’s nightmare, Hannah Montana on stage gyrating with fellow star Robin Thicke and simulating masturbation with a foam finger. I could feel Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart shattering.

In what could only be described as a publicity stunt I drew instant comparisons to the Britney/Madonna kiss at the VMA’s many years before.


Its an all too familiar situation Pop Princess coming of age, re-inventing themselves and we all know how it ends. The star who is already riding high in the charts with catchy single “We Can’t Stop” has a new album round the corner 7th October 2013 and I can only imagine this scene was to bring her to prominence prior to its release. I can’t help but think it was totally un-necessary and has quite possibly done her more harm than good.

I mean whats wrong these days with being a role model for a generation? I’m sure Disney pays well enough to keep you in luxury and at 20 years old she has many years ahead of her once the film deals dry up to live the wild life. Maybe its my old fashioned values? Or a sign of the times of how society is changing? I mean everyone loves to Twerk but Miley I think you should have saved those moves for behind closed doors.

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